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Most Reliable Toilet Repair & Replacement Services in Calgary, AB

As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in providing top-quality services to our valued customers. We specialize in offering reliable repair and installation solutions for all kinds of bathroom fixtures. 

Here at Precision Plumbing, we promise to always go that extra mile to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

We provide a wide range of residential toilet repair & replacement services in Calgary, AB. We have got all sorts covered under one roof from the latest toilets from well-known brands to traditional plumbing systems.

toilet repair & replacement services in Calgary, AB

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If you consider replacing or repairing your bathroom, it’s essential to know the facts before taking action. Here are the things you should know before making this decision!

Each type of toilet has its pros and cons.

The traditional gravity toilet uses water pressure to flush the waste down into drain lines below your home. This type of system requires little maintenance but can use more water than other types of toilets. A low-flush or “water-saving” toilet operates on less waste and moves it through the drainpipe.

There is also a pressure-assisted toilet that uses water under high pressure to move waste out of the bowl and combines this with gravity for maximum flushing power. It is best to consult a plumber before deciding which type of toilet will be best for your home.

Replacing your toilet is not simple.

Replacing a toilet requires cutting into the water lines and drain pipes below your home to remove the old one, so this step must be done right! If you plan to replace an older model of a gravity-type toilet with another traditional unit without incorporating any new technology, then installation should go smoothly.

However, if you plan to add additional features like pressure-assist or low-flow toilets, there can be complications (especially in removing existing flooring). It’s also best to consult a professional plumber before starting this project. 

Repairs are generally easier than replacing your toilet.

If your toilet is running slowly or you have a small leak, then it might be worth considering repair instead of replacement. 

Repair costs will always vary by case but may only require minor adjustments like tightening connections or adjusting water pressure levels that could save time compared to tearing out an entire bathroom floor for new installation!

It’s important to be prepared before you begin any project.

Before tearing apart your bathroom, make sure to shut off the water supply entering the toilet at the shutoff valve located under or around it! If this step is not done correctly, you may end up with a significant mess on your hands–literally!

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