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If you’re looking for the best re-circ repair in Calgary, AB for your hot water system, Precision Plumbing is the company for you!

Re-circulating your hot water using a pump dramatically reduces the number of minerals and chemicals that might otherwise build up in your tank. The build-up can lead to poor efficiency, corrosion damage, expensive repairs, frequent breakdowns, and low water pressure. 

You surely don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars per year on wasted energy due to mineral deposits caused by hard water.

Call us today, and let’s see how we can help you solve your problems.

best re-circ repair in Calgary, AB

High-Quality Re-Circ Repair Services in Calgary, AB

Our certified technicians will come out and install a re-circulation system that runs through your current plumbing system. It collects all excess minerals before they have a chance to enter your tank. 

These minerals are then pumped back into the mainline, preventing corrosion and build-up in your tank while staying environmentally friendly.

Contact Precision Plumbing at (403) 241 5200 today if you need top-quality re-circ repair in Calgary, AB and the nearby areas.

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