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Tara joined Precision on the spring of 2019.   She brings years of inventory control and safety experience to our team.  Tara keeps our various accreditations and COR Safety management in check. Her positive outlook on each day keeps everyone smiling.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Vicki is the friendly face in our front office.  She handles the key components that keeps our business running smoothly. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated individual looking after the day to day.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


After running his own business for several years, Zac joined Precision Plumbing in 2021.  As a Red Seal Journeyman Plumber / Gas Fitter, Zac brings years of trade experience to our team. His upbeat personality and friendly approach is appreciated by all fortunate to work with him.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Brandon brings many years of Plumbing and Drain Cleaning experience to our team.  He loves a challenge and takes on every job with a positive approach.  He enjoys being a part of larger projects and works well with all of our people. 

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Len brings decades of drain cleaning experience and sewer system maintenance to our team. This is an important role in our business and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated individual on staff. Len’s friendly approach and positive outlook helps brighten the jobs that can a little messy.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Scott brings 30 years of construction, renovation and service experience to Precision as Red Seal Journeyman Plumber / Gas Fitter.  Scott’s high level of customer service and quality work is evident in every project he completes.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Larry started his career back in the ’80s here in Calgary.  After working with a young Jerrod in the ’90s, Larry joined Precision in 2017.  Today Larry is a Red Seal Journeyman Plumber, Class A Gas Fitter, and Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist that works in our Commercial Service department.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


We are proud to say Jim is one of our own.   He started his apprenticeship with us back in 2013 and today is a Journeyman Plumber, Class A Gas Fitter and Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist.  He has wealth of product knowledge and customer service experience.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Danny has spent the past few summers assisting with various projects.  After completing a work experience program, Danny has now entered into an apprenticeship program here at Precision.  We are excited to help mentor this fine young man through the journey of becoming a Journeyman.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Mike joined us in 2014  with a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as extensive renovation experience. Mike is the go to guy for anything out of the ordinary and is often the friendly voice you hear when you call Precision.

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Jerrod was fortunate to work along side his Dad from a young age.  He often says he had the best of two worlds growing up.  His Mom was a teacher and his Dad was a plumber.  Today Jerrod is Master Plumber / Gas Fitter  as well a Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist with over 25 years of service experience. 

Precision Plumbing Ltd. Plumber


Josh joined Precision in 2019.   Originally from the UK, Josh brings many years of trade experience.   He is a Red Seal Journeyman Plumber / Gas Fitter as well as a Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist.  Josh is most passionate about boilers and hydronic heating systems. We are fortunate to have such a skilled individual as part of our team.

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