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How To Find The Right Local Calgary Plumber For You?

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Selecting a plumber should be done after some research and after some consideration of your individual needs. The process of choosing a plumbing company is not time-consuming. 

To find the right Calgary service, do some research and consider several key factors about each business you find. In brief, reputation, services, and various factors like years in operation and guarantees should be considered.

Take some time to review and evaluate plumbers in Calgary before an emergency develops to avoid any disappointments related to price or service quality. 

The best place to start evaluating plumbers is not to look at price but reputation and professionalism.

Reputation and Professionalism

Most experienced plumbers will be able to establish that they are professional and capable in several ways:

  1. Being experienced, local homeowners will have heard of them, even used them in the past.
  2. Those individuals will leave reviews that you can find online.
  3. Most plumbing professionals are active in trade or professional associations.


The service’s website is only a starting point. Gather additional information on plumbing services, and particularly on their reputations, by following three steps:

  1. Ask for referrals. Coworkers, friends, and extended family in the Calgary area may have opinions on area plumbing services. It can save time to ask them about a specific service. Negative opinions can be a red flag for that plumber.
  2. Check review sites and apps. Yelp, RedBeacon, the Better Business Bureau, and other sites offer a wealth of information on plumbers in Calgary and surrounding communities. Avoid companies with few reviews or with numerous negative reviews. Check what reviewers say about their emergency repairs too.
  3. Check trade and professional organizations. The United Association is a country-wide union of plumbers, welders, service techs, and fitters. They will have information on Calgary plumbers. Many plumbing companies will mention their memberships on their website.


Experts constantly update their knowledge, which is one of the main functions of a professional association. Plumbing does change over time. Residential plumbing regulations change.

This research step focuses on reputation and professionalism. In the next phase of research, the focus should be on the services they offer.


Factors To Consider When Researching A Calgary, AB Plumber

Experience, service offerings, and pricing are all important. Look for a company with all of these things:

Experience – A track record of solving plumbing problems is not a guarantee of quality. Still, the longer a service has existed, the more likely they are to be professional and competent.

Range of services offered – They do more than unplug drainpipes and repair leaks. Great companies help with a variety of sewer, plumbing, heating, and installation problems. They offer most of these services:

  • Hot water tank repair and replacement
  • Unclogging toilets and drains
  • Drain cleaning
  • Install showers, toilets, tubs, and sinks
  • Sewer line cleaning and repairs
  • Sewer maintenance
  • Pipe Repair and replacement
  • Kitchen and bathroom projects, including toilet and sink installation
  • Installing or fixing faucets
  • Complete maintenance and inspection services
  • Fixing sinks, toilets, garbage disposals, and faucets
  • Hot water tank installation
  • Maintaining and repairing water heaters
  • Boiler maintenance and repair
  • Repairing burst pipes and sewer lines and flush valves
  • Installation of tankless water heaters
  • Fixing gas lines
  • Residential and commercial drain cleaning
  • 24-hour emergency service


Look for experience with heating systems as well as with regular plumbing and sewer repair. Calgary plumbers tend to offer all of these services.

Plumbing experts, like us, offer comprehensive plumbing solutions, not just drain cleaning, dealing with faucets, or installation work. So be sure the services you use regularly or expect to use are available from the plumber you choose. 

You should be able to rely on a plumber to repair or install a wide range of drains, pipes, fixtures, and lines.

No hot water? Drain not draining? Leaking pipe? Does the sink need replacing? Have you clogged the toilet or sewer line? Whatever your issue, our Calgary plumbing services can handle them.


Miscellaneous Factors to Consider

All professional Calgary plumbing companies should tick all the boxes. Seriously reconsider any plumbing companies that do not have all of these miscellaneous factors.

Certified – Only hire a certified Calgary plumber.

Insurance and license – A licensed and insured plumber is less of a risk, in part because they can be held accountable for a sloppy job. On the other hand, an untrained plumber may escape the consequences of a serious mistake, such as a broken water heater that floods a room.

A guarantee – Do they have a satisfaction guarantee? What are the terms? All good plumbing services offer guarantees.

Rates – What are their rates? Be aware that unlicensed plumbers may offer deeply discounted prices to attract customers. Be suspicious of exceptionally low rates. Look for the website to see their rates. Plumbing service rates should be transparent.

References – Plumbing companies should be able to offer referrals from similar customers. It may also be possible to speak with HVAC technicians and contractors that have worked with them before. Any experienced Calgary plumber should have references that you can contact.

Free Estimates – Professionals are usually willing to offer free quotes over the phone. Describe the problem, and the plumber should be able to give you an estimate. This call is also the right time to find out about timing – how long the work is likely to take and when work can begin.

If you need a plumber that provides peace of mind 24/7, give us a call. We have been handling the plumbing needs of Calgary residents for over ten years.


Calgary Plumbing Experts

We can take care of most plumbing issues on the same day you call. We can reline or repair burst and leaking pipes. However, don’t underestimate the impact of a small leak over time. 

For example, a dripping kitchen faucet can waste hundreds of liters of water a year. So we clear blocked, backed-up, or overflowing toilets too.We use modern technology and techniques to provide the full range of plumbing repair, maintenance, and installation services. 

As a result, our technicians work as effectively and efficiently on various jobs, from clearing a clogged toilet to drain cleaning to replacing hot water tanks with tankless water heaters.

As a professional firm, we are licensed in Calgary, Alberta, and insured. We only use journeymen and master plumbers to handle plumbing and heating issues. 

We also offer 24/7 emergency service every day of the year to Calgary and surrounding areas, so we can quickly and efficiently handle any plumbing issue.


Plumbing Problems Solved in Calgary – Contact Us Today

Don’t wait for a plumbing problem to become a plumbing disaster. Instead, call us about any plumbing issue before it becomes a big problem

We have a long record of quality work and great service on plumbing issues for Calgary homeowners. 

From faucets that drip to broken water heaters and a burst pipe, our technicians can handle it. Emergency plumbing is one of our services too.