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Top-Notch Flushometer Repair in Cochrane, AB

Flushometer has taken the world by storm. It is no wonder as it is water saving. Compared to most old toilets, it has lower flush volumes with a 1 gpf minimum. It also does not cost a significant sum of money to operate every year. 

But with constant use, this device is also susceptible to rust and damage. For quick and effective flushometer repair in Cochrane, AB, Precision Plumbing is the expert you can rely on and trust. We can identify the root cause of a problem in your unit and provide the necessary service quickly to bring back your comfort. 

Flushometer Repair in Calgary

What is a Flushometer, and How Does It Work? 

While residential toilets utilize gravity and water tank for flushing purposes, the flushometer uses water pressure from the water itself. Before, it was usually found in commercial spaces. But things changed today as it is also available in some residential properties in Cochrane. 

Why Is It Getting Popular These Days? 

Flushometers have been gaining popularity for the past few years. Hospitality industries, government organizations, churches, and restaurants are just some of the many types of businesses that have flushometer tanks in their facilities. Some homeowners also consider getting a flushometer. 

Below are some of its benefits: 

Water Conservation

Many people who use flushometer toilets don’t realize how much water they can save by choosing this type of device over traditional flush valves. 

Recent studies show that it allows home and business owners to save up to 30% of the entire flush volume! So, if you have been paying more water costs every year, get a flushometer installed now. 

Less Refilling

Another thing people like about flushometers is that they don’t need to refill them after each use like an automatic sink faucet does. The flush valve is refilled automatically every time it’s flushed, so there is no need to invest in a separate line.


Since the tool’s valves and handles rarely need maintenance and the system itself has fluid moving parts, flushometers are durable and can last up to a decade or more! That’s longer than traditional flush toilet models. Since they’re made from quality materials like brass and stainless steel, they don’t rust easily.

What Are The Signs That Your Flushometer Needs Repair? 

Even if a flushometer is long-lasting, that does not mean the device would run smoothly throughout its lifetime. Here are some signs that it needs flushometer repair in Cochrane, AB: 

Reduced Water Pressure

If you notice water pressure falling rapidly by half, then chances are there’s something wrong with the flushometer itself. You’ll want to inspect the tank for any cracks along the seams; these problems will cause reduced pressure.

Leaky Flapper Valve

Whether you flush your toilet or notice a small trickle of water from the tank to the bowl, there could be a problem with your flushometer’s flapper valve–which is responsible for holding water in the tank as the handle is pressed down. 

In most cases, it’s best to have this part replaced by a professional plumber rather than trying to fix it yourself. But if you’re a DIYer, all you have to do is unscrew and replace the old parts and screw everything back together carefully.

Out-of-Date Parts

Although the device requires very little maintenance compared to most other bathroom fixtures, it’s still necessary to consider flushometer repair in Cochrane, especially when the parts are more than seven years past their expiration date – otherwise, you risk the valve becoming clogged after extended use.

Stains on the Tank Surface

Do you notice dark stains or rust spots on your flushometer tank’s surface? Then, it’s likely that the tank has been exposed to excess moisture. These can be signs of malfunctioning condensation valves, leaks along seams, poor insulation around piping, or even eroded condensate traps. 

Keep Your Flushometer in Excellent Condition with Precision Plumbing! 

For industry-certified flushometer repair in Cochrane, AB, Precision Plumbing is the expert you should not miss. We have licensed and seasoned plumbers who will extend your unit’s longevity and protect it from any future damages. Contact us now at (403) 241-5200!