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Premiere Plumbing Services for Hot Water Tanks in Cochrane, AB

Hot water is definitely an essential for daily activities like taking a hot shower or for food preparation. Imagine having coffee without hot water? Oh no!

Yes, when you lose a steady supply of hot water, that’s when you realize how truly important it is. Having good working hot water tanks in Cochrane, AB is crucial to the daily grind. Whenever your hot water tank incurs damage or breaks, it’s always an emergency and would need the expert and experienced plumbing services of no less than Precision Plumbing.

Hot Water Tanks in Cochrane AB

What Happens with Water Heater Maintenance?

Did you know that replacing a hot water heater can be very expensive? The good news is that having your water heater well-maintained by professional plumbing specialists will help you extend equipment life while saving unnecessary repair costs.

If you’re wondering about what the process looks like when you schedule for water heater maintenance.

Here’s a rundown of that to give you an idea of how it goes:

  • TPR Valve Test. The TPR valve is tested to ensure that the pressure won’t build up preventing the potential of a dangerous explosion.
  • Anode Rod Check-up. The anode rod is a critical part of your water heater as it prevents rusting. However, anode rods tend to deteriorate faster compared to other parts of your water heater; so you have to check this ever so often for any signs of wear and tear that needs repair or replacement.
  • Drain Tank. This process involves removal of the build-up of sediments in the hot water tank. When left unattended, the sediment build would prompt the water tank to work extra harder than necessary which may increase operational costs and lead to tank failure.
  • Tank Insulation. With proper insulation, this allows the water tank to effectively heat water without getting it overworked.

Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Most homeowners fail to schedule water heater maintenance and regret it altogether once it malfunctions. Water heaters get old too and damage is inevitable with normal wear and tear. Once your water heater malfunctions and stops working, you won’t have any hot water available at home. To ensure early detection, here are the signs that you have to watch out for:

  • Rust. Once your water heater develops rust, it should immediately be replaced because water would now be contaminated with rust and can be dangerous.
  • Age. Like any equipment you have at home, hot water tanks in Cochrane, AB can get old and fail at some point. Hot water heaters would usually have an average service life of about 8 to 10 years. Now, replacing water heaters is necessary after 10 years to ensure that it would be 100% operational and energy-efficient.
  • Water Not Hot Enough. If your water heater does not provide your home enough hot water then there must be a problem. More so, if you have been adjusting the thermostat and nothing improves, then other parts could be broken especially if the water heater has been with you for more than 10 years.
  • Not Enough Tank Size. If you have a growing family and your hot water tank isn’t able to provide you as much hot water necessary then perhaps you need a larger hot water tank.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Water Heater Now!

Your hot water tank can serve you better when you keep up with its scheduled upkeep. If you’re having a headache with your hot water tanks Cochrane, AB, then perhaps it needs some TLC from our friendly and certified plumbers at Precision Plumbing. Contact us now at 403-241-5200 to know our water heater maintenance packages that would fit your requirements.